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30-Day Menu Plan

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or couch potato, eating whole foods – i.e. “real food” – has helped millions of people change their lives. For those who are just starting to eliminate processed “junk,” congratulations! We are confident this challenge will provide you with the tools (education and knowledge) to help in your journey to improve your health. For those who have dabbled in eliminated processed foods, we hope this challenge can kick start a lifelong change.

Download now: 30-day-resolution-challenge-plan

Paleo Challenge – Day 3

Wake up: Drink 8oz of water right away! (I go to sleep with a bottle of water on my nightstand so I can drink it right away in the morning) Drink this water before your feet even hit the floor!

Tiny workout: Calf raises- 10 with your feet turned out,10 feet straight10 feet turned inI do this while brushing my teeth. It gets your blood flowing!

Breakfast: drink 8oz of water (yes again) either 2 eggs with a half of avocado and 2 pieces of bacon or Breakfast quiche or a 2 egg omelet with spinach, diced tomatoes, and onions!

Drink 8 oz water after lunch.

Snack: If you are hungry at all throughout the day eat a Rise Protein Bar.

Drink 16oz of water by lunch- at this point you should have drank 32 oz! This is flushing your system!

Lunch: Tuna-5oz of tuna mixed with an avocado (no mayo) served with a side of sautéed spinach or you can have a Strawberry blueberry spinach salad

Drink water 16 oz before dinner

Dinner: Grilled chicken, or salmon served with Mediterranean vegetable bake. Drink 8oz of water. Make extra for lunch tomorrow.

Drink hot water and lemon juice before you go to bed. Heat water in a coffee mug and add 1 tablespoon of lemon. Heat and drink! This is a colon flush!

At this point of the week you will notice you are using the bathroom a lot, your skin is clearing up, and your clothes are starting to fit different! You will also notice that you don’t have too much energy. You will by day 5. Make sure you get plenty of sleep!!!