Our 1-on-1 training provides you with a program specific to you fitness needs. At KL Fitness we design training programs meant to make you Faster, Stronger and Better using Functional Interval Training (FIT), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Performance Training  while coaching proper exercise mechanics to prevent injuries. With expert instruction guiding you through a safe and effective workout, the question is not whether you will get results, it’s how fast!!!

“AWESOME Workout. Kept it challenging throughout although you hardly notice the time as it flies by.”

If you can change your habits you can change your future.  We focus on results while safeguarding the well-being of our clients by modifying exercises, intensity and equipment options to help create a tailored fitness experience that gets results. Our workouts are an exercise of love that will have you smiling through tears and refusing to tap  out. All of our programs are designed to work for all participants regardless of age or ability. We give you the tools and the programming you need to meet your fitness goals.

We can train at your home, outdoors or at one of my indoor fully-equipped functional training locations: Kearny Mesa or Poway, CA.

“Kevin was amazing. I never had such an intense workout. I can’t wait to go back for my next one.”

Focus on toning (building lean muscle) and endurance (going for the burn). Workouts are designed to be fun, burn loads of calories, boost metabolism, increase energy, help shape and tone your body, and enhance your fitness through functional challenging exercise.

Short intervals of intense work with short recoveries to challenge your energy system and take your fitness to a whole other level.The workouts uses various combinations of strength, cardiovascular, and plyometric movement to maximize training intensity to reap the rewards that come with HIIT training such as, higher EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) also known as after-burn: the ability to keep burning calories for hours after an intense workout, creating lean muscle faster, increasing power, speed, agility, that helps create that lean athletic body. Once you try HIIT, you will never want to quit!

Coached by CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Kevin LaCourte,

Mechanics, Consistency, THEN Intensity.

Mechanics:  The prescription is simple.  Mechanics, consistency THEN intensity.  They are all important but need to be applied with more or less priority based on the development of the athlete. Mechanics refers to technique—your ability to move properly through our core movements. For us, this means moving yourself and external objects in the most efficient, effective, and safe manner possible.

Consistency:  Consistency has a two-part application: 1) That you are consistent in performing the mechanics of the movement; and 2) That you are consistent in Performance Training workouts. Both are necessary! Our workouts are very potent medicine; too much too soon and you can severely hurt yourself. Luckily, the body adapts quickly, and before you know it, you will be hitting each workout with maximum personal intensity. Consistently good movement will create amazing progress but consistently poor movement will promote injuries and imbalances.

Intensity:  Intensity is important.  If you complete every single training session never revving your metabolic engine over a 2 or 3 on a scale of 10 then you will not achieve your goals. However, conversely if you come into the gym and go completely bonkers on every WOD with no accounting for position or mechanics you will be broken in a matter of months. Controlling your level of intensity is critical for maximum success and will also allow you as an athlete to know your body.  When to push hard and when to back off a bit.  The goal is always to refine the movement and add intensity once the movement is acceptable.  That is sliding scale.  Just because you are squatting awesome on Monday does not mean that Thursday will be the same story.  Knowing how and when to apply mental intensity to work hard on movement and not just blasting through a workout to get the best score on the whiteboard.

Everything we do needs to be sustainable.  If it is not then we will be working against our goals instead of towards them.  Remember this is not a quick fix and the results of training the right way will be astounding but it is a long term lifestyle change not a crash diet or fad. Remember this equation every day you train.  Mechanics, Consistency THEN Intensity.  This will keep you progressing at a solid rate of sustainable growth and avoid injury and setbacks both physical and mental.

“Kevin is very knowledgeable about fitness and he really pushes you! Be prepared for some of the best workouts of your life!”


Single Session – $55
10 Sessions – $500
20 Sessions – $900

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